Hello world!

Hello there, my name is Veronica Raj and I’m a writer!  (and this is proof!)

I’ve been writing stories and poems since first I held a pretty pencil (with matching vinyl-covered locking journal, of course).

I’m the eldest of six children and fought the existence of every single one of my siblings.  I’m eco-centric and believe that zero population growth is an important way to lessen the impact humans have on the world.  Plus, they eventually began to move and get into my stuff!  (As if this needs saying, I grew to love and cherish every single one of those crawling/diaper-dirtying babies that have since grown up significantly.  I’m still surprised whenever one of my sibling nears or enters “adulthood,” and miss them all terribly.  [I live in Oklahoma and my siblings are scattered worldwide, the youngest in Ireland with my parents.])

At a very young age, I resisted my Catholic upbringing in a natural fashion, chasing butterflies and entertaining notions of reincarnation without any prior education of it.

Well, hopefully this has someone’s interest piqued, and I must now bid you adieu, but please stay “posted” for more.