Is this the answer to my question?

So, random browsing and tripping on links has led me to this:  Lijit, the answer to my linkage problem?  If it’s not, another solution may be to link everything to my Google+ profile, but again, first I must establish what I want linked back to me in the event of a job application.  I’m pretty sure this particular blog will show up, but I can’t find the other ones that will without excessively Googling myself, and I do believe the more I Google myself, the more I become my “preferred” content, which would skew the results.

How did you [presumably a reader] find my blog?  What keywords did you use?  Did you find me through WordPress or through Google?  This blog is pseduo-personal and not in any way linked to profit, so it should be obvious (but will be stated anyway) that you will not be contributing to any monetary profit by answering these questions.