Personal Update

I’ve been “playing Lego’s” for so long my fingers feel like they’re bleeding.  (What I really mean by “playing Lego’s” is putting together small parts for my sister-in-law’s husband’s company [and it’s not quite his company, just where he works {she also works there now, but I still consider it to be more his}].  This is meticulous and repetitive, but I didn’t say I mind.  The pay is quite terrible [$70 per 1000 completed] which evens out to less than $7 per hour.  The sad part is I’ve made more doing this than I have blogging.)

I wish I typed so much my fingers hurt that bad, that would actually be oddly fulfilling, yet completely unacceptable considering how much I spent on this keyboard (iOne Xarmor Mechanical Backlit with Cherry MX Browns – to be reviewed, probably in a different blog, later). 


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