The tears are c…

The tears are close to the surface tonight…



Personal Update

I’ve been “playing Lego’s” for so long my fingers feel like they’re bleeding.  (What I really mean by “playing Lego’s” is putting together small parts for my sister-in-law’s husband’s company [and it’s not quite his company, just where he works {she also works there now, but I still consider it to be more his}].  This is meticulous and repetitive, but I didn’t say I mind.  The pay is quite terrible [$70 per 1000 completed] which evens out to less than $7 per hour.  The sad part is I’ve made more doing this than I have blogging.)

I wish I typed so much my fingers hurt that bad, that would actually be oddly fulfilling, yet completely unacceptable considering how much I spent on this keyboard (iOne Xarmor Mechanical Backlit with Cherry MX Browns – to be reviewed, probably in a different blog, later). 

Blog Woes

WordPress is SO much easier to use and do things with than Blogger is… which really SUCKS because I can’t set up ads with WordPress, which means no matter how popular any blog on this site becomes, I will not be able to make ANY money from it… and that’s fine for personal blogs, but not for the blogs which contain content that I feel is of feasible value.  There’s even an action you can do on WordPress that enables you to post the same entry in multiple blogs, all in a few clicks, which is SO much easier than what I do on Blogspot.  And that’s another woe: am I hurting myself by cross-posting to different blogs?  My goal was to register blog names to optimize my search engine reach, but in so doing I need to cross-post the same or extremely similar content, which ends up hurting my search engine-ability, because they read non-unique content as spam.  I’m not spam, I swear!  I just want people to find my blogs!

Is this the answer to my question?

So, random browsing and tripping on links has led me to this:  Lijit, the answer to my linkage problem?  If it’s not, another solution may be to link everything to my Google+ profile, but again, first I must establish what I want linked back to me in the event of a job application.  I’m pretty sure this particular blog will show up, but I can’t find the other ones that will without excessively Googling myself, and I do believe the more I Google myself, the more I become my “preferred” content, which would skew the results.

How did you [presumably a reader] find my blog?  What keywords did you use?  Did you find me through WordPress or through Google?  This blog is pseduo-personal and not in any way linked to profit, so it should be obvious (but will be stated anyway) that you will not be contributing to any monetary profit by answering these questions.

Noob note

Note to self: need to find a way to link all of my blogs together so anyone can find ALL of them just by finding ONE of them.

Tired of writing? How can this be?

Does blogging take the fun out of writing?  I’ve been trying to manage my blogs and what this means for me at the moment is cross-posting what I’m actually writing and cross-copyrighting blog names across both Blogger and WordPress, and I realize it’s sorta late but I shouldn’t feel this exhausted already.  I want to make sure I have a firm grasp “on the market” but I definitely feel like I’m spreading myself too thin.  Right now I have more blogs than content to fill them, yet I still have more ideas for blog urls, and I feel it’s important to “catch them all” (yep, nerd Pokemon reference) because I want to be easily google-able in this particular topic.  Ugh… tired… It also seems really bright in here so my eyes feel tense, as though they can’t relax…