Blog Woes

WordPress is SO much easier to use and do things with than Blogger is… which really SUCKS because I can’t set up ads with WordPress, which means no matter how popular any blog on this site becomes, I will not be able to make ANY money from it… and that’s fine for personal blogs, but not for the blogs which contain content that I feel is of feasible value.  There’s even an action you can do on WordPress that enables you to post the same entry in multiple blogs, all in a few clicks, which is SO much easier than what I do on Blogspot.  And that’s another woe: am I hurting myself by cross-posting to different blogs?  My goal was to register blog names to optimize my search engine reach, but in so doing I need to cross-post the same or extremely similar content, which ends up hurting my search engine-ability, because they read non-unique content as spam.  I’m not spam, I swear!  I just want people to find my blogs!


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